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Lonsdor LT20-01 LT20-02 LT20-03 LT20-04 LT20-05 LT20-07 LT20-08 8A+4D Universal Smart Remote PCB 40 / 80 Bit for Toyota Lexus 4 Buttons 433 / 315 MHz

Notice : This is Lonsdor unIversal 4D/8A pcb.  It needs to be written by Lonsdor HK100+ or Lonsdor K518/ K518ISE !

Lonsdor 4D Universal Smart Key Support for Toyota Lexus Subaru
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Lonsdor LT20-01 8A+4D Universal Smart Remote PCB 40 / 80 Bit for Toyota Lexus 4 Buttons 433 / 315 MHz work for K518/ KH100+ Series

Lonsdor LT20-01 8A+4D Universal Smart Remote PCB 40 / 80 Bit for Toyota Lexus 4 Buttons 433 / 315 MHz work for K518/ KH100+ Series

The  Lonsdor LT20-01 smart key supports 4D and 8A keys, and currently supports the conversion between 4D and 8A keys for Toyota and Lexus.

Instruction of LT20 series boards:
Board P1 Frequency(MHz)   Pack Buttons
3370    98 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  ASK   Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
A433    98 433.92  ASK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
F433    98 433.92  FSK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
5290 98/78 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  FSK  Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic
0140    94 312.00/314.35/315.12/433.92  ASK Bubble pack Lock, unlock, trunk,panic

Lonsdor LT20-01 Smart Key PCB For Toyota + Lexus Smart Key 2007+ Board number: 3370, 0410, A433, F433, 5290, etc

Lonsdor LT20-02 Smart Key PCB For Subaru Smart key Board number: 5801, 7000 

Lonsdor LT20-03 Smart Key PCB For Toyota Smart key 2007+ Board Number: 0780, 0500, 0091, etc...

Lonsdor LT20-04 Smart Key PCB For Toyota + Lexus Smart Key 2011+ Board number: 2110, 0020, 0010, 0101, 7930, 0182, etc

Lonsdor LT20-05 Smart Key PCB For Toyota Sienna Smart Key 2010+ Board version: 5691 

Lonsdor LT20-06 Smart Key PCB For Toyota Smart Key 2012+ Board number: 5380, 0120, etc.
Lonsdor LT20-07 Smart Key PCB For Lexus Smart Key 2018+ Board number: 0440, 3410, etc.

Lonsdor LT20-08 Smart Key PCB For Toyota Smart Key 2018+ Board number: 0410, 0351, 3450, 3330, etc.

Note: The difference between Lonsdor LT20 smart keys is the design.

Promotion :
Purchase 5 Lonsdor LT20 PCBs (
LT20-01 LT20-02/ LT20-03/ LT20-05/ LT20-07/ LT20-08)
of the same model get a bluetooth for free

Lonsdor Bluetooth Smart Key Generator Fucntion:

1- Generate Lonsdor smart keys.
2- Modify frequency for Lonsdor remotes.
3- Modify button type for Lonsdor remotes.
4- Read button function for Lonsdor remotes.
5- Upgrade key
6- Modify remote count value
7- Unlock Lonsdor remotes.
... and many more Functions

Lonsdor LT20-01J0 8A+4D Universal Smart Remote PCB 40 / 80 Bit for Toyota Lexus 4 Buttons 433 / 315 MHz work for K518/ KH100+ Series

Product Specifications:
Buttons: 4
Manufacturer: Lonsdor
Condition: New
Proximity / Smart / Keyless Go: Yes
Frequency: 433 / 315 MHz
Panic: Yes
Battery: CR2032(not included)
Reusable: Yes
Region / Market: All Countries 

Product Functions:
Items Functions K518 series KH100P
1 Can be got version information of by.
2 Can be read button functions by.
3 Button's functions can be converted.
4 Can be unlocked by K518 and KH100P.
5 Can be up-graded by.
6 Frequency can be modified by.
7 Copy smart key by K518, KH100P negative. ×
8 Can be converted SW model by.
9 Remote counting data can be modified.
10 Emergency key can be generated.

Product Features:
Stable Functions & Super Quality
Multiple board numbers / Frequency Models
Free & Easy generated by K518/KH100+ series

Application Menu:

KH100+: Home -> Special functions -> LT smart key
K518/K518S : Home -> Special functions -> Key Setting -> LT smart key

Product Functions:
Get Version Info
Read Button Type
Convert Button Functions
Unlock Key
Upgrade Smart Key
Modify Frequency
Smart Key Copy
Convert Smart Key Type
Modify Remote Count Data
Generate Emergency Key
Generate Smart Key
Current Board Numbers:

8A: 0020 0101 2110 3330 0010 3950 0410 0120 0440 
4D: 0410 0780 5380 3370 433 5290 7930 5961 
Supported Frequencies:
314.35/312.09 312.09/314.35 312.50/314.00 433.58/434.42 314.35/315.10 314.35 433.92...
Supported Vehicle Models:
2015 - 2021 Toyota Camry
2015 - 2019 Toyota Corolla
2019 - 2019 Toyota C-HR 
2015 - 2021 Toyota RAV4
2016 - 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser
2015 - 2021 Toyota Highlander (PIN required for 2021)
2014 - 2021 Lexus NX Series ES Series GS Series RX Series LS Series UX Series
Alphard, Werefard


Q1, Would FT series boards continue producing?
A1: Yes, continue.  
Q2, Are LT20 series including 7000D for Subaru?
A2: Yes. 
Q3, I have ordered 3370 which belong to FT series, now what new product number of LT20 series, should I order to have the same board item and same function?
A3: LT20-01, it has same board items with 3370, meanwhile has more functions than it. AND it can be converted to be 0140B/D,5290B/D,A433D,F433D. Of course, they have same board items.

Update time: Aug. 30, 2023
LT20 Series Tovota/Lexus Smart Key
8A-BA Emergency Key Generation

Package Includes:

1pc x Lonsdor LT20-01 8A+4D Toyota & Lexus Smart Key PCB

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